My name is Debbie Skelton and this blog is a collection of recipes and ideas that have been influenced by many different twists and turns. I write a weekly food column for the Canberra Times newspaper and many of the recipes have come about through eating a dish and replicating it from what I believe its ingredients are or tweaking from existing recipes.

Mum was born in Holland from parents of Slovenian and Belgian descent. The family came to Australia in the 1950s post war migration scheme. Cooking interesting food was important to her and I think my sisters and I absorbed this early in life.

Raving Recipes came about for a few reasons, mainly because I needed to share my passion for food with someone other than my sister. Funnily enough, she was the only person I knew who was as interested as me in all things food, although we have somewhat different tastes. My friends understand my passion, but don’t share quite the same level of interest in food and cooking.

The enjoyable, but daily grind of running a cafe came to an abrupt end when diagnosed with a repetitive strain injury to my arm. This meant leasing out the business and returning to a “day job” working in human services, so I needed to find an outlet for my foodie musings and exploration.

My love of France and its regional food spills over into the food I love to cook. My aim is to follow this passion and continue exploring the food that France and its surrounds has to offer at every opportunity.