Saturday, April 3, 2010

Fabulous Fresh Figs

March is my favourite month as have access to fabulous fresh figs. Just wanted to share a great dessert we had last week. For those who know how to make Tarte Tatin and who have a passion for fresh figs, as I do, replace the apples for 12 fresh figs standing upright in the pan, then cover with the puff pastry.

Instead of finishing with cream I used Mascarpone Cheese flavoured with an aged Balsamic (made by our friend Garry). Then for added crunch, crumbled Amaretti biscuits through the cheese, also giving it a sweetness and subtle almond flavour that marries so well with figs.

This dessert was so decadent and delicious - hot, juicy sweet figs that produced a rose petal fragrance. Then to complete the picture, I topped the mascarpone with Persian fairy floss (from sister in law Jill) - giving the dessert a Middle Eastern touch.

The flavours in this dessert would make a great finish to a middle eastern style dinner party.

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