Thursday, August 14, 2014

Retro caravan cake

This cake was designed specifically for my sister's 50th birthday celebration. The cake itself is a rich chocolate mudcake coated with dark chocolate ganache.

All parts of the cake are edible including the lace, patterned icing and the jewels on the wheels of the caravan. The pattern was created using edible printed icing sheets printed specifically for the design and the caravan was modelled based around a picture of a retro caravan sourced from the internet.  made the lace patterning  using Claire Bowman lace mould templates.

The cake needed to be transported over 500km so the three lower tiers were assembled before the transportation and the caravan was transported in its own cake box. However all decoration was done prior to the trip. I made a specially designed cake box lined with non slip drawer liner and the caravan box was packed out with foam to prevent it from moving.

The bottom 3 tiers were reinforced with dowel and edible cake glue was made from icing and ganache.