Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The birthday gift

birthday moon @ Mission Beach
My 40th 50th birthday has finally now come and gone.  Even though I did not realise it at the time, I must have been feeling the pressure of reaching this landmark age. Because I now feel slightly liberated somehow, as if a light weight has been lifted off me, or the feeling you get when you get your hair cut, or the transition of spring to summer when you can finally throw off the winter woolies (anyway, you get the idea). 

the holiday house
birthday prawns
With two weeks of intensive celebrations that included a wonderful and large gathering of friends and family from Canberra and beyond at Chris and Jill's house on the Saturday before my birthday, and then the pilgrimage to Mission Beach in Queensland with the Skelton side of the family in tropical paradise, I can think of no better way of turning 50. I slipped from one decade to the next, relatively pain free (apart from a red wine headache or two), while buffered and cocooned by my family and friends (many of who are already enjoying their 50s and 60s) telling me this is okay, don't worry you'll be fine (not to mention, well yes I will..... providing lots of delicious food and wine to make the transition that much easier).
family feast

So, I would like to thank all my family and friends for the nurturing, love and effort that made this such a special time for me and gave me the gift of feeling loved and the making of many happy memories.

While on the subject of food, we experienced a fantastic meal in Mission Beach in an absolutely magical setting at the Bibesia Beachclub restaurant of the newly renovated Castaways Resort, situated 300metres along the beach from our holiday house. The menu had a tropical fruit and seafood focus with the simple meals well presented with tight flavours.  The thing that stood out for us was the casual, but stylish presentation of the atmosphere, food and service.  Would definitely recommend the restaurant. Photos by Steve Shanahan

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